Fairhope Same Day Tooth Extractions

Fairhope Same Day Tooth Extractions

Fairhope Same Day Tooth Extractions

Tooth Extractions in Fairhope, AL

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When you have a full mouth of healthy teeth, the last thing you expect is to lose a tooth. Although our dentist in Fairhope, AL will try to save damaged teeth by implementing conservative treatments, tooth extraction is sometimes the best solution to a dental issue. Fairhope Modern Dental is a dental office that proudly services residents throughout Fairhope. Our practice includes up-to-date equipment and skilled staff who will work diligently to meet your family’s dental care needs.

Why Are Tooth Extractions Necessary?

Tooth extraction is the total removal of a tooth, including its root attached to the jawbone. For many people, the idea of tooth removal is uncomfortable, but it is a necessary dental procedure. Modern technology simplifies the process, and restorative dentistry can replace the lost tooth to restore your smile.


In most cases, patients of Fairhope Modern Dental undergo tooth removal if they:


– Have severe tooth decay or infection
– Have a badly broken tooth
– Need to make room for orthodontic treatment like braces
– Have advanced gum disease


One of the most common reasons a dentist in Fairhope will perform tooth extraction is to remove wisdom teeth. Sometimes the third set of molars becomes impacted or causes damage to neighboring teeth. In that case, removal is the best option. In certain cases, due to either the difficulty of the procedure or the medical condition of the patient, Dr. Knight will refer your case to a dental specialist called an Oral Surgeon.

Benefits of a Tooth Extraction

Tooth extraction offers several advantages:


– Pain Management: If a damaged tooth or dental rot is causing pain and inflammation, removing the offending tooth can bring relief.
– Oral Health Improvement: An oral infection could quickly spread from your mouth to other body parts, jeopardizing your overall health. By eliminating the source of the infection, our team can prevent future complications.
– Dental Protection: Infections and decay can affect neighboring teeth. We can help your smile by removing the problem tooth.

Types of Tooth Extraction

Tooth extractions come in two forms. A simple tooth extraction is a procedure in which Fairhope Modern Dental’s dentist, Dr. Knight, uses basic tools and local anesthetic to pull a tooth from its socket above the gum line. The procedure takes moments to complete, and the team makes every effort to ensure that the patient is comfortable from start to finish.


A surgical tooth extraction is necessary if a tooth is broken or impacted below the gum line. The dentist will incise the gum tissue and remove bone to access the tooth. This tooth removal procedure is slightly more complicated, but our team takes great care to remove the tooth as efficiently as possible while keeping the patient as comfortable as possible.


At Fairhope Modern Dental, our skilled dental professionals will strive to provide the most comprehensive dental procedures based on your specific needs, including everything from a routine teeth cleaning to a tooth extraction.


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